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Garage Equipment - Miniature Garage Equipment

Miniature garage equipment

Miniature hoist with oil pans and oil drain

Mini tool box, welder, battery charger, compressor

miniature creeper, jack, ramps, jack stands, oil pan, and  oil

Miniature Garage Equipment  - Set $95 - currently out of stock - Sorry, I have lost my source so these remain out of stock.

When I saw this, I just had to have it.  I have it set up in my (Bonnie's) office.  Then I bought some for gifts, it was a hit.  I have dimes included in the picture to give a sense of the size and scaling.  The scaling is 1:18.  I like the 60's and 70's muscle cars so my little Mopar Super Bee is on the hoist.  I have a small collection of Dodge (Mopar) muscle cars, specifically the Chargers and Challengers.  Much to Jim's dismay I like Dodges.  To make Jim happy and so it looks more like our shop I have a miniature Gator and garden tractor with it.  We almost always do have a collection of tractors, Bobcats, and cars in our shop so it's pretty realistic.  This miniature garage equipment is made for the 1:18 die cast collectables.  A friend wanted a set for his model cars, he puts one on the hoist and one underneath on the "garage floor".  I just sent my sister a set for her birthday, she doesn't collect model cars but loved my miniature garage equipment when she saw it.

Example pictures - toys are not included in the garage equipment set.

Miniature hoist with car, tractor, and gator

Miniature hoist with tractor, gator, and super bee

miniature hoist with toy Gator

The detail is great, the boxes of oil have little bottles inside the box.  The hoist has a hand crank and it can be raised and lowered.  With it is an oil drain container, an impact gun, and an air hose.  The tool boxes are 2 pieces, a 3 drawer tool box on top of a 7 drawer tool box.  There is a gas welder with both tanks and hoses, an arc welder, a battery tester/charger with a battery.  An air compressor is included and a V-8 engine on a stand.  There are 4 jack stands that can actually be raised and lowered, a floor jack, mechanic's creeper, and 2 ramps. All pieces except the engine stand and engine are hand painted metal.
To order, give us a call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail:

Note:  Jim is considering sell his collection of John Deere toys, give him a call.

Garage Equipment - Miniature Garage Equipment