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Why Visit Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors?


We are in a rural area, definitely ďoff the beaten trackĒ. There are a lot of bigger businesses easier to find and and probably closer to you than us. I listen for the answer to that myself and this is what Iím hearing:

Itís an experience, no Iím not kidding. Who else is going to speed around with an old John Deere 140 thatís been repowered doing wheelies to show you the power it has? If you look at Jimís personal tractors you might like the huge tires he puts on them, the hundreds of pounds of weights, etc. They look like a monster truck version of a garden tractor. Strange. O.K. you might think thatís just silly.

Itís obvious Jim ďbleeds greenĒ but he respects other brands of good quality equipment, even if itís hard to admit sometimes. If you want your equipment repowered or repaired it doesnít have to be John Deere. If you catch the guys at the right time you might actually see them mowing around here with a old Gravely. Sometimes the garden tractor pullers arenít John Deereís either.

Jim is enthusiastic about what he does, he loves it, heís enjoying himself. When he tells you he just loves the Vanguard small engines he isnít telling you that to sell you one, he really does, thatís how we got started doing the repowers for everyone else.

Jim will let you try out the small tractors, drive them around, mow some grass, push some dirt around. My opinion is that you guys like pushing dirt around the best.

Our ďshop rateĒ, what you pay for repairs per hour, is generally about $20 to $40 less per hour than our competition. I really hate calling other businesses that are similar competition, almost all of them are our friends. We send customers to each other when we canít help them ourselves, isnít that the way life should be?

Some people prefer smaller businesses, most the time we do. Thatís why we like our local Ace Hardware, they have that plumbing or wiring we need in stock, if we donít know what we need most of the time they can tell us what we need. If we go back in a month they will still be stocking that nut or bolt we needed.

We know you like power, we like power, so weíll help you decide on the equipment or repower you need and then what you want. I guess what Iím trying to say is that we listen and pay attention. Because we arenít so big we can take the time to listen to each customer. After all a lot of our customers are friends of ours.

We stock a lot of parts and people know it, they are driving past a lot of other businesses to come to us because we have it. It is considered unprofitable now to keep much inventory on hand. Oh well, we do it anyways.

Jim is a trained and experienced mechanic, and honest. We promise not to try and sell you something you donít need, when you bring your vehicle in for repairs you get what you need and what you want done. Thatís all. 

So why not give us a try and call:1-800-618-8738 or e-mail us: jim@jimsrepairjimstractors.com

Why visit Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors? (Hastings MN)