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Bobcat Skid-Steer Repower - Small Engine Repower

This Bobcat Skid-Steer was repowered at our repair shop with a 23 horse power Vanguard engine.  The original engine was a  20 horse power Kohler.

We also have 31 horse power Vanguard engines that we install in the Bobcats and similar loaders.  These are all VTwin, Overhead valve small engines that are good winter starters and have better fuel economy.
Repower Bobcat Skid-Steer 

Bobcat Skid-Steer Repower

         Bobcat small engine repower  
With some models we need to have a machine shop make different shafts and bushings.  It's well worth the effort once the job is completed.  Good solid equipment like these skid-steer loaders are worth repowering.  They keep their resale value and are good sturdy machines.

We have done small engine replacements with these Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines since 1986.  If you are considering a repower give us a call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail  We can let you know what the repower involves for cost and labor or help you decide if you want to "do it yourself".

Bobcat Repower Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the recommended engine for a Bobcat 600? Do your kits come with everything I need? Do your repower engines have their own charging systems or will I retain the jackshaft-driven alternator?

A: We do our best to furnish you with everything you will need to make the conversion. I would recommend the Vanguard 23 horsepower engine and the installation kit. No, you do not have to worry about keeping your old charging system as this will already be included in my package.

Q: I have an old Melroe Bobcat model 500 that has a sick Kohler engine. I have the engine out and was ready to go through it when I came across your site. How do the Vanguard engines tolerate the crankshaft load on the belt drive side? The Kohler has a very large tapered bearing in addition to the babbit main bearing. Does the Vanguard have this kind of crank support also? With the crank being smaller I am concerned about how they would hold up. Also, how does the hydraulic pump hook up to the opposite side of the engine? I have machine shop capabilities as well as equipment so I feel I could do the project myself with some direction.

A: Even our smaller 23 horsepower Vanguard engine has a ball bearing crankshaft. Of course the 31 horsepower is just bigger yet with ball bearings. I already have many Vanguard engines running in skid loaders, and have been repowering them and garden tractors since 1988. These are the Cadillac of air cooled engines that include a commercial warrantee. I also have the stub shaft kits in stock so that is no problem getting power off the other end, meaning the flywheel side. We also have different types of exhaust systems available so we can fit to your specification.

Q: I have a late 70's early 80's 632 Bobcat with the Ford 1.6L in line four cylinder engine. I had heard there were various conversions available for stronger and more reliable engines. In a web search, I came across your web site. Have you done replacements for these engine before?

A: Yes, and I would recommend the new 31 horsepower V-Twin Vanguard to repower your Bobcat.

Q:  I have a Bobcat 630 with a Wisconsin VH4D 28hp engine with engine problems. I was told that ONLY Bobcat put a tapered crankshaft in their WI VH4D 28hp engine, so if I want to put a used WI VH4D in it, it won't work. Have you heard anything like that? Also, What about the VG4D 37hp WI engine. Would that fit?

A:  I have a 31 HP, V Twin, overhead valve, Vanguard engine which would have plenty of power to handle your job. I would have to check into getting the taper machined into this current shaft to equal your current taper on your Wisconsin engine.

Q: I have an old Bobcat 520 skid loader and engine has gone out in it. The engine has a crack on it. Do you have any ideas how I may repower it without spending more than I paid for the machine? Does the Vanguard 18 hp engine have an electric starter and an air filter and fuel tank and fuel pump? I need to know if there is anything that is not included. I also need to know if with the engine and the conversion kit come with an installation manual or notes? What is the availability and how fast can it ship?

A: Well I don't know how much you paid for it, but I'm sure it would cost a fair amount to replace the skid loader. I have the new Vanguard V-Twin, overhead valve, 18 horsepower engine. This engine actually puts out a short 20 horsepower. Yes, these new engines come with the electric starter and a charging system to keep up with the running lights and keep the battery charged. It also comes standard with a heavy duty air cleaner and also has it's own fuel pump. It does not have a gas tank but you can use your existing one, or I have gas tanks available if you do not want to use yours. We currently have everything in stock, the engines and the different kits. With each machine being unique, instead of instruction manuals we offer our customers phone and or e-mail support almost any time of day, toll free. You can just give me a call and I can talk you through most situations.

If you want me to send the engine and kit give me a call on my toll free number, 1-800-618-8738. I need to ask you some questions so I can figure out what to send you to get it as complete as possible on the kit subject.

Bobcat Skid-Steer repower

Return policy-15 % restocking fee-RMA required
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