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3 Point Hitch - Three Point Hitch

3 point hitch for attachmentsthree point hitch for a garden tractorgarden tractor 3 point hitch



3 Point Hitches - Fit the
following lawn and garden tractors:

*For John Deere models 120-140-300-312-314-316-317 Call for Price
*For John Deere models 425-445-455-X465-X475-X485-X495-X700-X720SE-X724-X728-X728SE-X740-X744-X748-X748SE     $600

If you would like to order a 3 point hitch, give us a call:
1-800-618-8738 or e-mail: jim@jimsrepairjimstractors.com 
Any garden or compact tractor is more valuable if a 3 point hitch can be installed on it or if it comes with one installed. The first 3 point hitch made by John Deere for their garden tractors was in 1968 to be used on the John Deere 140 garden tractor then followed by the John Deere 400 that came out in 1975. Category 0 (zero) was the size classification that came on the garden tractor. The next size up for the compact utility tractors is category 1 (one). Three point hitches have exceptional lifting power.

Three point hitches are made to the same standard between the different makes and models of tractors. If the 3 point hitch equipment you buy is category 1 it will fit onto any make or model of tractor that has a category 1 hitch. 3 point hitches can be used for attachments such as rear blades and box blades that are very useful for moving dirt and gravel. A moboard plow, sprayer, sickle mower, rough cut mower, finishing mowers and many other attachments can be used with the three point hitch.  The three point hitches include the rock shaft.

3 Point Hitch Questions and Answers

Q: I have a 76 Jim Dandy Economy Tractor with a 3 point hitch. How can I tell what size it is? Would it be a size O?

A: If it has 5/8” pins it is category 0.

Q: Would your 3 point hitch system fit either a John Deere 345 or GX345? Just checking before purchase.

A: You cannot put a three point hitch on any of the John Deere 345 tractors. You would have to have something like the John Deere 318 and the 400 series tractors.

Q: I have a John Deere 318. If i install a 3 point hitch, can I keep my mower deck on when using the hitch? Does it run off of the same hydraulic line? If
so, would it be possible to change the lines so one lever controls the deck and the other controls the hitch?

A: Both the 3 point hitch and the mower deck are operated by the one cylinder, therefore you can not separate the 2 of them.

Q: I see you have 3 point hitches for a John Deere 455 garden tractors. Are they Category 0 or 1?

A: The John Deere 455 was only available with the Cat 0 hitch.

Q: I was given a 3pt hitch kit off of a 425 lawn and garden tractor that is brand new. Will this fit onto my 430 lawn and garden tractor?

A: No, this kit you have will fit only the John Deere 425, 445, and the 455.

Q: I need a 3 point hitch for my John Deere 445, What else will I need to use 3 point attachments (Hydraulics etc...)? I don't have the rear PTO as I really am only interested in a box blade.

A: You are correct, you do not need to invest in the rear PTO to operate a box blade.


3 point hitch - Three point hitch