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Two Stage - Snowblower - Snow thrower - Bercomac

All of the Bercomac attachments are interchangeable on the same quick hitch mounting.  Bolts on in  minutes.  What a great idea for people who have more than one tractor or buy a new one.  No more having to go and buy all new attachments for the new small tractor, just buy a different model hitch kit if it doesn't use the same one.  The resale value is preserved when you can sell your attachments to be used on another size or model lawn and garden tractor.

  Snowblower video clip
Snowblower-Snowthower Q&A's
Bercomac snowblower
Video of the Bercomac tractor
snowblower in action
If you are ready to buy or want more details give us a call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail

Deluxe Model


PTO Model


40" Model 700210-1
44" Model 700211-1
40" Model
48" Model
44" Model 700374 
48" Model 700378
19" X 40" or 44" 18" 1/2 X 40" 19" X 48" 21" X 44" or 48"

Oil bath gear box

No gear box

Oil bath gear box

Over center lock lift Over center lock lift Hydraulic lift Manual lift
40" is 194 lbs
44" 214 lbs
168 lbs 220 lbs.
Garden Tractor model years 2005 and earlier: Fits lawn and yard tractor brands: Tractor Brand: 2006 Model Brands of lawn and garden tractors:
John Deere John Deere John Deere ** New! for John Deere!
Craftsman Craftsman Cub Cadet
1998 and later
 44" & 48" Stage snowblowers
Husqvarna For John Deere:
Jonsered Jonsered  JD 100 Series
Poulan Poulan JD X300 Series
Rallye Rallye JD X500 Series
Weedeater Weedeater JD X700 Series
Yard Pro Yard Pro Craftsman
Case New Holland Husqvarna
Ingersoll Jonsered
Cadet Poulan
Cub Cadet Rallye
Columbia Weedeater
LawnFlyte Yard Pro
MTD Murray
Toro Wheelhorse

There is also a Northeast model  #700360 snowblower to fit onto an ATV-it includes a 23 HP Kohler engine and Saddle Controls.  The Saddle Controls include: Ignition, choke, Throttle, Electric PTO, Safety Switch, , Electric Chute Rotation, and Chute Deflector.


Chute deflector - raise and lower the deflector from the driver's seat
Drift Cutters - Help to slice through high snow drifts
Heavy Duty Skid Shoes - raises  the snowblower to prevent picking up rocks
Electric Chute and Deflector kit - rotate and adjust the chute

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Snowblower - Snow thrower Questions and Answers

Q: What's the better snow blower? The Northeast or the Deluxe, based on throwing distance and overall build quality?

A: The Northeast model blower has 4 impellers compared the Deluxe model that has 3 impellers. The Northeast snowblower’s impellers are 1 inch in diameter larger than the impeller on the Deluxe model. Both of these Berco blowers are quality machines and will really blow the snow, the Northeast will blow it the farthest. The build quality is the same but the blowing capacity is larger with the Northeast model.

Q: On the 19" X 48" Bercomac Snowblower (PTO version) - What is the PTO RPM Recommendation on the input shaft of the blower unit ? I’m guessing 500 – 800 RPM – somewhere in that range.

A: The shaft driven snowblowers are running at 2000 RPM.

Q: On your website it says the Northeast model is for 2006 model garden tractors. Ours is a 2005. Wouldn't the Deluxe be right one instead? Ours has the 25hp Kohler engine in it. What would be the difference between the 44" Deluxe and the 48" Northeast, other than width? Are there difference in features?

A: No the Deluxe model and the Northeast model are differently built snowblowers. The one that throws the snow the farthest is the Northeast. Yes, we can install them and also put on weights and chains on your tractor.

Q: I have a 2004 Craftsman GT5000 with the Kohler 25hp V Twin and hydrostatic transmission. I am using a Craftsman 48 inchsnow blade with wheel weights and chains. I live in Colorado at 7600 feet and as such we get significant blizzard conditions with drifts of 3-5 foot common. My tractor is good for about two foot of snow, past that the wheels spin but not much plowing happens. Do I need more weight or should I consider one of your snowblowers. I blade on the tractor now is a 45 minute job to connect and disconnect. I read that the Bercomac snowblower is a simple job to connect and remove once the appropriate mounting hardware is attached. Will I need to remove the attachment hardware for my sears blade in order to attach the Bercomac snowblower, or will they work independently of each other? I'd like to be swap between the blade and snowblower if possible.

A: You do need a 2 stage snowblower for snow that deep. Once your run this snowblower you will probably never go back to a blade again, although with my quick switch unitatch system you can go very quickly from blade to snowblower or snowblower to blade. Your tractor would take the Northeast model 2 stage 44" snowblower. Then to get you the additional traction you need I have thesuitcase weights that weigh 25 lbs each and there are 6 of them. This system uses the suitcase weight bracket that bolts onto the rear of your tractor. Now you will have traction to go wherever you would like to go.

Q: Can any of your snow blowers be installed on Scott's tractor model 1642?

A: If your tractor is a 2002 model it looks like I can get you into a 2 stage Berco snowblower.

Q: I have a new John Deere X500, will your snowblower work better than John Deere's at throwing snow?

A: The John Deere 2 stage snowblower is a good machine but I can tell you that the new Berco 2 stage will out throw the John Deere by far. Our snowblower is wider and it is less costly to buy. Our machine also has a better resale value because it can go on more than justJohn Deere tractors.

Q: I just purchased a 2006 Cub Cadet GT2544. This is a shaft drive and a 21HP engine. I am looking for a snow blower for this unit.

A: Yes, we have the new in the crate 40" 2 stage Berco snowblower with the sub frame and drive mechanism. I also can set you up with a big 48" wide front push blade.

Q: I want to find out about a blower for a John Deere LT155 tractor. Will your product fit the 155?

A: Yes, I have a new package in the crate that will fit right on your tractor. It will really throw the snow far away from the machine.

Q: Will the Bercomac Compact Snowblower fit a Craftsman model number 917.255980 with a 18 horsepower Kohler engine ?. Would the tractor be sufficient to run the Bercomac Compact?

A: Yes, with an engine this size you could easily handle our 2 stage snowblowers and throw the snow about 80 feet away from the snowblower. These Bercos are quite the machines. Your tractor can handle 2 different models, you can get the Compact model 40" blower or the Northeast 44" snowblower.

Q:  Do you have a snowblower for a John Deere 240 garden tractor?

A:  Yes, we have a Bercomac 2 stage snowblower made for your garden tractor.

Q: I was wondering if you might have a snowthrower attachment for a Murray Garden tractor. It's a 2004, 25 horsepower.

A: We would have the new 2 stage Bercomac snowblowers, they really do a good job. Let me know and we'll get you set up for this Winter.

Q: I just bought a John Deere X300 tractor. It has a 17 horsepower engine and a left foot pedal lift system. Does your blower fit this tractor? Does it use the same foot-pedal lift system? Is is a two stage?

A: Yes, our Berco 2 stage snowblower will hook right up to that tractor. Yes, this is a heavy duty 2 stage and this one will really throw the snow a long way farther than the single stage snowblowers and well worth it to get the best. Yes, it uses the foot pedal to lift the snowblower.

Q: I own a 1992 John Deere LX172 lawn tractor. The little bugger runs great and seems like it can do almost anything. Problem is, I need an efficient way to clear my 100 foot driveway in the country. We get snowed in a lot and live in the valley where snow persists. Could I use a Bercomac snowblower or blade, or is my machine too small to do anything but cut grass?

A: No, your tractor is not too small, you have a Kawasaki 1 cylinder, overhead valve, 14 horsepower engine and it will handle the Berco snowblower just fine. This Berco will throw snow and a long way. Another thing to keep in mind is these Bercomac snowblowers and blades have good resale value because they fit most any brand of tractor.

Q: What model would you recommend for a Cub Cadet GT 2186 garden tractor? What if any advantages does the Bercomac snowblower have over the standard Cub Cadet model?

A: The Berco snowblower will out throw the Cub Cadet by a long way. That isn't just sales hype. Our neighbor across the road from us out here in the country was lucky enough to have his renter leave him his Bercomac snowblower and when he uses it we still all have to watch out the shop window. Another big advantage is the resale value. Some day you could sell it to somebody with a different brand of tractor and all they would have to do is get a sub frame kit for their brand of tractor.

Q: I have a 1974 Sears Garden Tractor with a 16 Hp Onan Twin cylinder engine. The engine was recently rebuilt and the rest of the tractor is in pretty good shape. I currently have a 42" OEM snowblower attachment that is on its last leg. Can you tell me if there is a Bercomac attachment that would fit this tractor? I'm not sure at this point that I want another Sears blower. It never was the best, clogged up most of the time and didn't throw the snow very far (its a single stage unit) . I just thought with a newer design I might not have to upgrade the tractor also. Do they make a model that drives with a belt on the right side. I'm pretty good with a welder and tools and have made a mount for another manufacturer's blower once before. If the drive lines up, I could probably figure our how to mount it.

A: Berco makes a snowblower for Sears models but not any for that old of a unit. I do have some used snowblowers for Sears tractors but there are a bunch of different models and I think I have about 4 older used Sears snowblowers in stock. Yes, I know of a Berco unit they sell that has a pulley drive coming out the right side. You should be able to get this Wheel Horse package hooked up without too much welding. They had also used the Onan engine sitting in their tractor the same way as the Sears Onan. This is a new 2 stage Berco 40" snowblower or a new 2 stage Berco 44" snowblower.

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Q: I have a Poulan Pro PD20PH48ST and am looking for a snow thrower attachment. Do you have any info on one that will fit?

A: Yes, we have the new 40" 2 stage Berco snowblower that will go right on your tractor. I have them in stock, or the Berco Northeast 44" model. If you are serious about buying one I will need to also know what year your tractor is.

Q: I would like information on a Bercomac Deluxe snowblower for a LX280 John Deere with foot lift (40” and 44” if possible). I would also like info on the remote deflector option and the electronic chute and deflector options. Would you be able to provide this? Also, how do these compare to the OEM models? How do they compare to the walk behind models (Ariens 11528)?

A: There's just is no comparison, a tractor mounted snowblower will always out perform a walk behind model of any kind. I have a single stage 42" new John Deere, in the crate. I also have a new Bercomac 40" 2 stage snowblower. I have a new Bercomac 44" snowblower. If you want to throw the snow the farthest do not even look at the John Deere. Do not get me wrong, I did not say John Deere was bad, as it does a good job, but the Berco still does it better.

I stock the remote chute deflector hit and the electric chute and deflector kit.

 Q: How well does the tractor mounted model maneuver? Also, does the Bercomac throw snow as far as this picture on your site or is that wind aided? Do you know if an LX280 would suffer from too much stress for a snow blower?

A: If you tractor doesn't maneuver very well it means that you do not have the correct amount of weight on your tractor. Bercomac really does blow the snow as far as the picture shows. Maybe it wouldn't if you were trying to blow against the wind but it will blow the snow the farthest of any snowblower I've ever seen. There are a couple of pictures of the ATV Berco snowblower and it's really shooting the snow too. You honestly have to be careful not to blow the snow towards you house windows or the neighbors driveway if you have a close neighbor.

I would say your model is made to be able to use a snowblower just fine. I wouldn't put a snowblower on one of the little Home Depot Deeres though.

Q:  I would like to get a 2 stage snow blower for a Deere GX255 that already has a Deere 48" blade (and associated lift mechanism). Do you recommend a Bercomac - if so, which one?

A:  You are correct, John Deere does not make a 2 stage snowblower for your GX255. If you want something that throws a lot farther than the 1 stage, the Bercomac snowblower is the one to buy. The Berco 2 stage will even out throw the Deere 2 stage snowblower for the John Deere 425.

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Q:  Glad to have found your web site. I have a 1450 cub that is in pretty good shape. I have had it for about 20 years and am rather attached to it, if you know what I mean. My primary use is for
snow removal. My question: Does Bercomac make a blower that will fit this tractor, or can one be made to fit without too much trouble. The old single stage blower I have is a bit worn and parts are getting scarce.

I am tempted to buy a John Deere 318 with 750 hrs., mower, single stage blower & bagger. A friend is selling it, the price is ok, but I suspect the tractor has been run hard & put away wet a few times.

I think the 318 is a superior tractor but I am thinking that for the same money I could get a new blower and repower my existing tractor. Any comments would be appreciated.

A:  You are correct, there is nothing like those older Cub Cadets. We have repowered a lot of them. I am attached to my older tractors too. We had a fire in 2002 and we lost a lot but I was so glad to see that my JD 140 and 318 shop tractors didn't burn.

I can supply you with a 2 stage Bercomac snowblower that will throw the snow from your yard into the neighbors yard and will hook right up to your tractor. It would be lifted with the hydraulics on the tractor.

Q:  My neighbor is getting one of the 2 stage Berco snow throwers for her new John Deere GX335. Since I'm probably going to get "volunteered" to install and remove this thing
every year, how easy is it to swap from the mower deck to the snow blower?

A:  The mower deck comes off easily. You do not have to use any tools to do the job. There are instructions with the Bercomac equipment.

Q:  I have a John Deere LX177 and am considering the Bercomac 2 stage snowblower.  Do the think the 17 horsepower has enough power for the 44" Berco?

A:  Back in the 1970's the John Deere 110 came out with an 8 horsepower engine driving a 38" snowblower and that did O.K.  With a 17 horsepower you will have plenty of power and also that Berco 2 stage snowblower will well out throw the John Deere single stage.
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