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Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors     1-800-618-8738

As small business owners we appreciate our customers who work long hours and need reliable equipment that is running smoothly, whether it's your car, truck, farm tractor, or garden tractor. Tractor Pull - 1973 - in Prescott Wisconsin
This was one of Jim's first tractors pulls.  The year is 1973 and yes, it's the same guy and same tractor in the upper left corner of this web page. The tractor pull was in Prescott, Wisconsin.  Notice they are using the mayor of Prescott, at that time, for extra weight on the pulling sled.

Years ago one of Jim's grade school teachers told about a winter the school children had missed many days of school because of bad weather.  She had to really push the kids to study and catch up to where they were supposed to be.  Jim needed reading practice and she became frustrated because he just wasn't interested.  She found as many books as she could about tractors and he read them all.

Jim learned his strong work ethic, his mechanical knowledge, and his love of anything green on his dad's farm. He went to school at the Wahpeton State School of Science for Automotive Repair and worked at a Ford Dealership in Bowman, North Dakota.  He also attended classes in Mankato, MN at Acme Carburetion.  It's called Acme Alternate Fuel Systems now.  Jim learned about propane conversions and "Red Rooster Power Boosters".  The Red Roosters were used to increase the power of diesel engines by 10% to 20%. Like a lot of farm kids, Jim traveled with combining crews and the group he traveled with was from Oklahoma. They were using propane and duel fueled vehicles and equipment. 

Originally our name was just Jim's Repair and we soon we realized just how many Jim's Repair's there were.  A friend suggested "Jim's Repair and Propane Carburetion" and we used that name for quite a few years.

Jim opened his repair shop while still working a full time job as a semi truck mechanic.  The main focus of the business had always been auto repair, farm trucks, and tractors.  In 1987 we built our first building and Jim gave up his trucking industry job.  Occasionally he still worked on semi trucks and quite often would do full brake replacements of the trailers in our driveway.

Little by little the small tractors, tractor attachments, and small engine repowers crept into our business and turned into a large part of what our business is today. This led to us adding the "Jim's Tractors" part of our business name.

In 2002 our shop burned down and we had to stop and decide if we were going to rebuild.  We'd lost almost all of our inventory, tools, and equipment. It was a difficult time but we learned just how wonderful people are.  We are fully operational again thanks to so many helpful people and a lot of very hard work.  We are glad we decided to keep the business going and anyone who comes around knows how much Jim enjoys what he's doing.  He is well known for speeding around our yard with his John Deere 140 and popping wheelies with it.  Our shop is often a bit of a "hang out" especially around garden tractor pulling time.

We have expanded our web site presence and Jim is offering free technical assistance for outdoor power equipment.  He knows quite a bit, all in his head, but not everything. He recommends repower kits and gives assistance in person or on the telephone to our customers.

We continue the auto, truck, and tractor repair and have never tried to "sell up" a repair job.  We do our best to offer our customer's personalized, honest service.

If you call about e-mails, shipping quotes, shipment tracking, or our web site, you'll be talking to me, Bonnie, Jim's wife.  Jim answers all of your questions but I key them in because, truthfully, Jim doesn't touch computers.  I print his e-mails out, he writes his answers on paper.

Jim and I would love to hear from you, give us call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail us at jim@jimsrepairjimstractors.com

Jim and Bonnie Kaczmarek
Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors of Hastings, Minnesota

About Us - Questions and Answers:

Q:  Bonnie, are you from North Dakota too?

A:  No, I've lived in Minnesota my whole life.

Q:  Are you the one who does the website?

A:  Yes, I do the website myself, if you have a question or suggestion about the web site, just call and ask for Bonnie or e-mail.

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