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4 Wheeler Snow Thrower - Snow Thrower for a 4 Wheeler - Quad - RTV

New - Versatile Plus Model 700580 - 2 Stage
Click for Video
ATV snow blower video clip
For more sizes, style, and price choices for ATV and UTV snowblowers make sure to check our our ATV snowblower and UTV snow blower and 72" snowblower attachment  pages!
No snow is too hard to tackle!
$3500 with 13 HP engine 48" wide
#3 $3700 with 14 HP engine 48" wide
#4 $4500 with 18 HP engine 48" wide
#5 $4800 with 23 hp engine 48" wide
#6 $5500 with 31 hp engine 48" wide
#7 $5800 with 35 hp engine 48" wide

4 wheeler snow thrower
Pneumatic tires carry its own weight.

The snowblower can be stopped
 with the electric PTO control.
Electric chute control and electric spout control at your finger tips.

Powered with an 18 or 23 horsepower v-twin overhead valve Vanguard engine with an oil filter and oil pump.

Will connect quickly to your  Utility vehicle, 4 wheeler, 4 X 6 Gators, UTV's, ATV's, utility ATV, garden tractors, and front mount tractors  with it's 1 7/8 inch hitch to the 1 7/8 inch ball on the back of your machine.

Two adjustable chains in front keep the snowblower stable.

List of 28 options for the ATV UTV RTV snowblowers

Questions, comments, or ready to buy?  Call1-800-618-8738 or e-mailjim@jimsrepairjimstractors.com
4 wheeler snowblower hitchSubframe extension for the 4 wheeler snow thrower The subframe extension is adjustable to 7 different positions.

We offer our exclusive polymer skid shoes for special surfaces where scratches are a concern.  Ask Jim about them.
For longer vehicles the option 700485 extends the subframe from 120" to 150" for the Versatile 54" model 700460. 

The option 700475 for the 48" Versatile Plus model 700582 extends the subframe from
111'' to 144''.
4 wheeler snow thrower measurements
click to enlarge
4 wheeler snow thrower control switchControls for the 4 wheeler snow blower 1. Emergency switch
2. Switch for the chute
3. Switch for the deflector
4. Switch for belt tensioner
4 wheeler snow thrower diagram with stabilizing chainsStabilizing chains support the position of the subframe.
Check out the: 60 inch utility vehicle power broom & 60" Versatile  model Utility vehicle snow blower Snow thrower for a 4 wheeler - 4 wheeler snow throwerVersatile model 700460 UTV 4 wheeler snow thrower4 wheeler snow thrower
List of prices and options for the ATV UTV RTV snowblowers

4 Wheeler Snow Thrower - Questions and Answers

Q:  As I ride my ATV pushing a plow for hours on end trying to cut through the wind packed snow we have here in the Colorado Mountains, I'm asking myself why don't I buy a snowblower instead. I've been looking at your web site, and I think I'd like the model 700460 with the 18hp engine. I've got a Suzuki King Quad 700 so there shouldn't be any problem with me pushing it around. Besides the engine size, are there any other differences between the 18hp and 23hp models?

We're having the winter of winters for this valley, and I'm ready to get a machine to help me get through the snow.

I've got tracks on my ATV. Will this model work with my ATV when I have the tracks on? I'd like to be able to keep the tacks on, since that is my 'snowmobile' when I'm not plowing snow with it. I noticed that the ATV in the video clip has tracks on it while it's pushing the snowblower, so I'm hopeful.

A:  Yes with our new style we just came out with you can quickly connect up to your ATV and disconnect. The difference between the different models is the 700360 has a control saddle and is especially made for ATVs that you straddle. The700460 model has a control panel instead of the saddle. The control panel normally is put on your dash. This can be used with any style ATV or UTV. The nice thing about control panel is that it can be used with either type machine. Yes, our machines can be used on ATV's with tracks.

Q: I have a 2005 Polaris 4x4 Ranger that I need a snowthrower for. I live in VT and get some heavy snows. How deep a snow can the 54"/23hp thrower handle? I assume the 60" can handle just about anything. How is the cable winch, which I do not have installed, incorporated into the system?

A: You can handle deeper snow than the top of the snowblowers with my 54 inch or 60 inch. You would need a winch mounted on the front of your Ranger to raise and lower the snowblower.

Q: I have an 800’+ driveway in southern Maine and am considering an ATV with one of your snow blower accessories over a pickup truck and blade.

1. Can you recommend the type of ATV I should be concentrating on for use with your snow blower ?

2. What precautions should I exercise for use on a gravel driveway ?

3. What is the maximum height of snow your snow blowers can effectively handle ?

A: If you are buying the ATV strictly for snow blowing you do not need to buy a big powerful one as it does not take much power to push this snowblower around with our caster pneumatic tires that come standard on our snowblowers. For gravel driveways I have optional heavy duty skid shoes available you can put on the snow machine. These machines will work their way through a six-foot snow bank. I can give you details on how to do this if you would ever have to do so.

Q: I have a Honda 350ES Rancher 2 wheel drive ATV. My home has a paved asphalt driveway that is raised 6 feet from street level. Will you snow blower work well in this application? I don't think I have a PTO on the ATV so the self contained unit will be needed.

A: Yes, you will have plenty of power with your Honda 350 ES. You should put chains on your rear drive wheels. I have sold these snowblowers in the past to ATV owners that had just 2 wheel drive and it worked out fine with chains. I have the correct size snowblower for your ATV. It is a 54 inch cut two stage with a v-twin overhead valve oil filtered and oil pumped18 hp Vanguard engine that actually puts out a short 20 hp. This engine also has electric start and a 16 amp charging system. You do not need a PTO set up on your ATV with my snowblowers. All my snowblowers are two stage.

Q: I have a Suzuki Vinson 500 4X4, is this big enough and will the blower fit on it?

A: Yes my new style Berco snowblowers will fit right on your ATV. Your 4X4 ATV is plenty big enough to handle any of my snowblowers.

Part of my driveway is asphalt and the other is gravel. About 700 feet of asphalt and 1500 feet of gravel. Is there an ability to raise the quad snow thrower a few inches on the gravel or does it rest low on the ground?

A: Yes those skid plates are fully adjustable so you can adjust the cutting knife at the exact height you want it to be off of the ground. I also have some heavy duty skid plates available for heavy going applications.

4 Wheeler Snow Thrower - Snow Thrower for a 4 Wheeler - Quad 


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