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ATV Snowblower - Snowblower for an ATV
Click here to see - ATV Snowblower - Picture Gallery

New ATV-Utility vehicle  power broom

ATV Snowblower - on a Honda

List of 28 options for the ATV UTV RTV snowblowers
One of a kind and top of the line!  This Bercomac 2 stage ATV snowblower 's 15” impeller has 4 blades that throws snow to amazing distances- This ATV snowblower is specifically designed for ATV's where you would prefer the control saddle with the snowblower controls at your finger tips. For even more size and price choices check out the models specifically designed for - Four wheelers - andUtility Vehicles. Those models have the controls mounted on the dash. New is a 72" model snowblower attachment

"The Prestige" Snowblower (Prestige model is no longer available) -  2 STAGE 54”wide -  Model #700360 - Includes a powerful 23 HP (not 13 HP) Kohler engine. 
ATV Snowblower Questions and Answers
2 Stage Snowthrower for ATV The snowblower is directly lifted by the ATV's winch.  It's saw tooth auger just devours any type of snow - It's powered by a dependable oil bath worm gear box completely mounted on ball and cone bearings.

Weighs 395 lbs and is supported by it's own pneumatic castor wheels.  Your ATV frame does not have to support the snowblower.  The Mounting is adjustable from 72" to 110".  Longer vehicles will need the subframe extension kit 700475
for lengths from 115.75'' to 148.75''
ATV snowblower measurementClick to enlarge
ATV snow blower video clipATV Snowblower Video

Kohler engine - 23 HP - for ATV Snowblower 23 HP Kohler engine for the ATV Snow blower To keep the snow moving, the snowthrower has a 23 HP Kohler engine equipped with a de-icing kit to keep if from icing up.  Compare that with any of the others!
 Snowthrower control Saddle for ATV ATV Snowblower hitch Everything is controlled from this saddle.  The driver must be seated to engage the snowblower. This saddle includes the ignition, choke, throttle, electric PTO, safety switch,electric chute rotation, and chute deflector.

Controls for the ATV snowblower

1: PTO Switch
2: Ignition Switch
3: Switch (chute)
4: Throttle Control
5: Switch (chute)
6: Choke Control
7: Safety Switch
The winch switch control raises and lowers the snowblower.

The switches on the saddle turn the chute and raise or lower the deflector.  You can turn the spout from the saddle.

Engage the snowblower when the engine is running at medium RPM by pulling the PTO switch.

The electrical system is already installed
and connected to the snowblower components.

For fragile surfaces we have specially designed polymer skid shoes to prevent scratches and scrapes.  Ask Jim about these if this is a concern for you.
The 54" wide Prestige model 700360-10 has been revamped and has an improved hitch system. It uses the same hitch system the new4 wheeler snow thrower, the utility vehicle snow blower,and72" snowblower attachment uses.  Quickly and easily connects with the 1 7/8 inch hitch to the 1 7/8 inch ball on your machine.  The option 700475 extends subframe from 115.75'' to 148.75'' for longer quads.

Check out the: Utility vehicle 60 inch power broom for ATV's and UTV's

Questions, comments, or ready to buy?  Call:1-800-618-8738 or e-mail

ATV Snowblower - Questions and Answers:

Q: I am considering numerous snow removal options for my retirement home. I have a single lane gravel road about 6000 ft long to plow. One pass each way should clear the road. My question is with a 500 cc 4x4 ATV with automatic transmission, how fast can I remove snow in terms of speed? We rarely get a snow fall over 10 inches and most seem be 6" or less at any given time. I do not have a ATV yet so I would be willing to invest a little more to get a bigger ATV if needed, but reading your responses to other inquiries it appears that even a medium size ATV will suffice.

A: You are correct, it does not take much of an ATV to move the snowblower as the snow is being removed in front of it, not pushed out of the way. The ATV with an automatic transmission like the Polaris ATVs work very nice. With those lighter snows it sounds like you could travel up to 5 mph.

Q: Can the ATV snowblower be disconnected easily so my ATV is free to use around my farm for other jobs?

A: These all have the new style hitch package so you can quickly hook and unhook the snowblower off your ATV. This means you do not have to buy a belly bracket.

Q: Does your ATV snow blower have electric start? Please give dimensions of snow blower width, length, height and weight. I want to make sure I can store ATV and attached snowblower in a shed.  Will snow blower attach to Kawasaki 650 4x4 Prairie; do I need the added attachment?

A: Yes, our ATV snowblower has electric start and a good charging system. It has a 54 inch wide cut. The length is 11 feet mounted on a Polaris 700 Sportsman. The height is around 4 feet. The weight is 400-500 pounds. You will need a winch mounted on the front. I can also supply this for you if you want.

Q: You seem to sell the only two stage blower I found. Will the chute adjust down to throw the snow not as far? I live in town and don't want to break windows. Eighty feet throw is a long ways for town use.

A: Yes, all you do is push the electric button and it will blow the snow right beside you on either side. In other words, it put the snow where you want it all at our fingertips.

Q:  How much snow will it handle at a time as the drifts do get out of hand sometimes and get a little deep? Will it handle compact snow and ice? How close to the ground does it pick up snow as one of the problems with plows is the amount of snow left on the ground can build up with repeated snowfalls and get almost impassable with the right conditions.

A: I have already sold these snowblowers to cities for commercial use. This machine will handle drifts taller than the machine's drift cutters that are already up pretty high. Yes, it will handle hard snow as there are alligator teeth on the front auger. We have adjustable skid shoes for you to adjust how high off the ground you would want to clear the snow. You can adjust it from 0" to 2 1/2 " high.

Q: I have two Kawasaki Prairie 650's 2003.  Do I need a battery for the blower to start the motor or do I hook in the wiring to my electric plow lift plug, or is your blower a complete unit that just needs it controls put on the seat and you start it from there?

A: Included with the snowblower is a special quick tatch wire harness that hooks to your ATV battery. Also the snowblower engine has a charging system so your ATV’s battery will always keep fully charged. The saddle that is included with the snowblower lays right on your ATV seat has all the controls right at your finger tips.

Q: I am thinking about buying a ATV instead of a tractor with a mounted snow blower, simple because since I have no lawn I can use the ATV for fun as well, my question is what would be the best type of ATV, engine size?, 4 x 4 drive?, by the way Honda has a power steering ATV. keep in mind I do want to use this as a multi use ATV.

A: Our snowblower hardly puts any weight on the front end so power steering would not be an issue, but of course power steering is nice anytime. I have some customers that bought my snowblower and put it on a 2 wheel drive ATV and it manages it okay. It does not take much horsepower to push this snowblower around. So just buy the machine you would like the best and I know it would work fine on any you would get ahold of. It would be good if you go an automatic transmission or either one with a real low 1st gear.

Q: Does a 4 wheeler come with a PTO shaft and 3 point hitch?

A: For my snowblower that goes on the ATV you do not need a 3 point hitch and it also does not need a live PTO because the 2 stage snowblower has its own big 23 horsepower engine mounted on it.

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Q:  I have a Polaris 500 It now has a snow plow on it. What else do I need to mount this blower? Do I need a winch bracket or the whole winch set up? Can I do this my self or do I need some one to install it for me? I put my own winch on. Does it have detailed instructions?

A: Yes, you can put these items on yourself with the instructions that are included. You can also give me a call and I will help you through any questions or problems you might have. Isn't your winch already mounted on your ATV because you already have a snow plow?

Q: I am interested in the snowblower attachment for my 4 wheeler. How does the snowblower effect the turning of the 4 wheeler and is it difficult to back up?
How much weight is on the front of the 4 wheeler?

A: Your 4 wheeler will turn very easily to the left or the right because my pneumatic tires are on casters and turn in any direction. You can also back up easily because the caster wheels just turn around and follow you in any direction you travel. We have adjustable springs so you can put only 20 lbs of weight on the front end of your 4 wheeler or you can adjust the springs to get 300 lbs of weight and get more traction. You are in control of whatever weight you want or do not want.

Q: I had a different make and model ATV snow blower than yours with a 13 hp engine, and after a year I was disappointed. Number one, it didn't throw the snow very far and the biggest concern was it looked like the front end of my ATV was pulled down. Will your snow blower act and perform better? I have a 2005 Polaris 500 HO with a front winch system.

A: The Berco snowblower does not pull down the front of your ATV. We have adjustable springs so you can adjust it with most any pull down pressure you would want on your front end. This Berco will throw snow a long way, about 80 feet. You will never need to play any more snow relay games. Standard with the Berco blower is full electrical control of you spout to turn it. You have full control of the the spout deflector just by pushing an electric button. The drift cutters are standard equipment. The pneumatic tires are mounted on casters and work well for turning corners, you do not have to skid the machine side ways. We have the power to get the job done the first time.

Q: I was looking at the snowblower for the 4 wheeler. Are the wheels adjustable so that you can use it on gravel?

A: No, you do not adjust the snow cutting height with the winch, instead, you adjust those heavy duty shoes way down low. That will raise the cutting head to miss picking up rocks.

Q: How cold of temperatures will the ATV snow blower handle? (it will be used in temps as low as -45 F). What kind of maintenance does it require?

A: The ATV blower has a special exhaust warmer that heats up the intake air before it enter the carburetor so the carburetor won't shut down because of freeze up. The only maintenance parts you might need are shear pins if you hit a foreign object. It's a good thing to break the shear pins and not the snowblower itself. I also stock parts and you can call me toll free 1-800-618-8738.

Q: What is the snow blower's warranty? Is there a service manual with part numbers and schematics?

We would need this product for steep, uneven, unpaved, surfaces. Any problems pushing it up hills attached to a Honda Foreman 450es?

What about snow depth? Will it handle 2 to 3 feet of snow? Will it clear snow that has settled and become hard packed? What about eating away at piles of snow left from plows?

Is it up to the task of our latest Colorado mountain snow?

A: The snowblower has a 1 year warrantee. Yes, there is a parts manual and some shear pins that come standard with your new package. I have already sold some of these snowblowers that were put on only 2 wheel drive 4 wheelers and they managed fine. If you are in rough ground or gravel just adjust the skid shoes in the lower position to raise the cutting edge of the snowblower. Yes, the blower will remove the hard pack snow and also clean up snow plow snow that gets in your way. We have sold quite a few of these blowers this year to customers in Colorado.

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Q: I am curious if the 54" snow blower will attach to the front end of a Kawasaki Mule 4X4 utility ATV?

Yes, I have already sold them to customers that owned a utility ATV or UTV.   You would need to have a winch mounted on the front of your machine to raise and lower the snowblower.

Q: I live in what most folks would say is a very primitive area. The 3.5 mile road in and out is rough to say the least. I currently have a tractor with a PTO attached blower but the extreme winter conditions here are rough on the tractor, diesel jelling etc. Is the ATV blower protected with shear pins similar to the 3pt blowers? I'm looking to get a more reliable method to keep my road open.

A: Our big 23 horsepower V-twin engine is set up for extra cold conditions with a built in intake air warmer to fully eliminate the carburetor engine freeze up. Yes, this snowblower is built with shear pins at 3 different locations to almost eliminate damage to the snowblower. It has heavy duty skid shoes that can be adjusted to a higher height to pass over big stones or gravel. I already have them out in operation in the conditions you are talking about.

Q: How well does a Honda Rubicon 500 maneuver with the snow blower for the ATV it on there? Does the snow blower attach like a snow plow does? How does it lift up and down? By motor or by hand like a Plow? How hard are they to hook onto a Honda Rubicon? I have a snow plow on it now. It has the bracket under it that the two bolts hold it on. Is it the same type hookup?

A: This Berco ATV snowblower is really something. It will throw the snow about 80 feet. It has a big 23 horsepower V-Twin overhead valve engine and has a wide 54" cut. It has a finger electric button to turn the spout and tip the end of the spout up and down. It will handle well with your ATV, I sold many of them last year to the people up in the heavy snow country. A lot of them had smaller ATVs than yours and they did the job fine.

My Berco snowblower is lifted up and down at just a push on the electric button. It is lifted by a winch that is mounted on the front of your ATV.

Q:  Is the engine on the ATV snowblower very noisy?

A:  This engine runs very quiet as the muffler warms the intake air so as to keep from having a carburetor freeze up problem.

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Q: Is there a larger version of this snowblower available for the Yamaha Rhino side by side UTV?

A: Yes we have a UTV blower now. 

Q: I have a 1997 Honda Foreman with a Cycle Country plow on it, also a 1500# Superwinch. My questions are:

1. Would I need anything else to mount the thrower?
2. How big is the crate that this comes in?
3. Do you have them in stock or would I have to order one?
4. Does the unit have skids on it or does it rely on the winch to keep it from eating the lawn?

I'd like to get it so it would be ready for next winter.

A: You would not have to buy any other items. Yes, we currently have one in stock. The crate is about 40"X40"X50". No my snowblower does not have skids. It has 2 pneumatic tires which carry nearly all the load and also these wheels are on a caster set up so you can turn a sharp corner with ease. This is quite a machine with the big 23 horsepower Kohler V-Twin engine.

Q: Jim, Your ATV mounted snowblowers look very appealing to me. I do have a couple of questions, though. Does the added weight overload the front end & if it does is there any way to compensate for the weight? With the added front end weight is there any traction loss? Lastly, How has the unit performed for your customers? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

A: This snowblower puts almost no weight on the front of your ATV. The most weight on the front end would be 50 lbs or less. Those 2 pneumatic tires carry nearly all the load. We already have these mounted on ATV's with just rear wheel drive and they even manage to get their job done fine with rear drive only. This snowblower has a 23 horsepower engine too, which is much larger than my competition. It also has the electric spout that electrically tips up and down right at your fingertips. We have many well satisfied customers as this unit can really throw the snow.

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