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Tractor Weight - Tractor Weight Bracket

Rear weight bracket-fits John Deere 318, 322,332,420, 430 garden tractors and the new style 316 with the Onan engine only. Does not fit 316's built in 1978. The weight bracket will hold 7 John Deere suitcase weights and weighs approximately 20 lbs. You can use your hitch with this bracket mounted. The bracket mounts quickly with 2 bolts. Includes the mounting hardware and instructions. No drilled holes are needed for installation. $150

70 lb cast iron wheel weight

Our Tractor suitcase weights are 41 lbs each.  (also come in black) If you want your tractor to do the work you want it to do, you need traction.  Adding the tractor weights give you that needed traction.

They also work great for garden tractor pulling.   Suitcase weights are $45 each.

The 63 to 70 lb. cast iron wheel weights are another way to get the traction you need.  I personally use wheel weights, suitcase weights, and fluid in the tires for my own garden tractors and for garden tractor pulling.  Check out the page on the Bird and the blog on the John Deere 140 to check out these tractors.

These also are available in Black.

. Wheel weights are $150 a pair.
Jay sent this e-mail to us, thanks Jay!

I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago when I called from Connecticut regarding wheel weights for my Case 222 garden tractor. I got your 70lb wheel weights a few days ago in the mail and installed them today using threaded rods as you suggested, and wow, did it ever make a difference! After adding this 140lb, I was able to drive straight down the hilly parts of my yard and then back up without any trouble at all, something that was next to impossible before. It is so much more enjoyable to work on the tractor now that I can stop worrying about getting stuck on the hills next to trees bushes and stumps. I am also making far fewer skid marks on my lawn as I shift the rather aggressive hydraulic drive back and forth. I only regret that I didn't buy these weights 4 years ago when I first got this tractor, it is clearly a wise investment for this machine.

Questions, comments, or ready to buy?  Call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail

Bercomac rear weights and weight bracket

tractor weights - Bercomac700240-Universal model

700246-Husqvarna model

700441-John Deere model

700444-MTD Tractor models equipped with quick hitch bolts.

tractor weight description - Bercomac1. The brackets bolts to the rear of the tractor.

2. Package of 6 weights that are 25 lbs each.

3.  Locked into place with a pin.

Tractor Weight Questions and Answers:

Q: I own a 1999 22hp Troybuilt garden tractor model 809 and was wondering if there is any advantage to adding weight to the rear end for snowblowing (2 stage 200 plus lb blower) since its a single wheel variable speed driven machine and I clear a drive that slopes quite a bit. Last year I had chains on the 23 x 9.50 x 12 Carlise turf tires and was stuck more often than I care to admit. I bought Duro Ag tires for this tractor already and have ordered wheel weights of 100lb. to add to the Ags and wonder if I'm "spinning" my wheels in expecting more performance from this tractor than I should be in that it just might be more weight I need to pull out of a drift by hand that I'm stuck in. Any advice on how/if I can get better performance in snow blowing use from this machine without major modifications?

A: No, you do not have enough weight on your tractor. Yes having weight on the rear gives you the advantage of the leverage on the rear which decreases the front end weight and that transfers to the rear wheels. You can put my universal suitcase bracket on the rear of the rear axle and the six suitcase weights at 25 pounds each, and that will give you an approximate 200 pounds of the rear axle. With this style of weight you can easily decrease weight in 25 pound increments.

Q: I need to get some weight for my X595 when using the FEL. How much weight should I have when moving dirt, mulch, etc.? The tractor came with a weight bucket (part of the FEL package). I have the rear tires filled. I’m wondering if your suitcase weights will fit in the weight bucket? Or, am I better off getting a weight bracket for the rear and hang the weights on that. Do you carry a bracket for the X series? I believe John Deere’s is a “Click and Go” or something like that.

A: You can just hang your suitcase weights on the weight box and put some in the box. You wouldn’t need to buy a weight bracket. Yes, I have the suitcase weights in stock. I think I have the click and go also here in stock.

Q: I have a 2210 John Deere, I was wondering if I could install your 70# weights on the inside of my wheels.

A: Yes, if you have 12” wheels these will bolt right onto your rear wheels.

Q: I have a Wheel Horse 312 - 8 Speed tractor that I primarily use for snow removal. I have both a 42" blower and a 42" plow blade for it. I currently have one 50# wheel weight in each rear wheel. I have Carlisle Turf Master tires on all 4 which have been awesome for traction (without chains). I mostly plow on concrete or blacktop. The only problem I am having is with the front wheels sliding when plowing with the blade angled. I would like to add some weight up front to help with this.

Do you know of anyone who may have something that would work for me to add some front weight? I do have 6 weight plates which are about 20# each. I could just fabricate a bracket to use those. Any idea how much weight would be needed for this?

A: I welded some neat brackets on the side of my push blade for that same reason and hung four John Deere suitcase weights at 41 pounds each. At 160 pounds sometimes I still wished I had more.

Q: I have a 4 wheel drive X748 diesel lawn mower with a 62” deck. 85% of my mowing is on hillsides so my objective is to make the tractor have the lowest center of gravity as possible to reduce rollover. My mower weighs 1113 lbs standard. So far I’ve filled with liquid and added 50 lb weights to each of the 26x12x12 rear tires. I have added two 43 lb suitcase weights to the front bumper. What would your recommendations be? How much weight did the liquid fill provide? Should I add on the 30 lb weights to each front tire? I see some talk about adding 140 lbs to each rear tire. Can I do that with this mower? How much weight to the front would I add to balance out the tractor if I did that?

A: The rear tires will hold about 11 gallons each if they were filled full. That is about 90 pounds on each wheel. You also can remove the rear wheels and turn them around and you will come up with a much wider track. That will help your center of gravity. I would put 140 pounds of weight on each rear wheel along with the rear tires filled with liquid. I would not fill the front tires as it is not worth messing with for the little bit of weight you will get out of it. Instead put more suitcase weights onto your front bumper. If you do all of the above you will be as safe as you can get to go up and down the slopes at any angle you would want to go.

Q: I'm looking at adding weight to the rear of my John Deere 317. Will your suit case bracket fit? Also I've pondered if the hydro system would be able to support a log splitter?

A: Yes my weight bracket will fit on the rear of your John Deere 317. Yes your tractor is tough enough to take care of a log splitter.

Q: I just bought aCub Cadet GT 2544 heavy duty, shaft drive, cast Iron tranny, garden tractor. I am looking to plow my driveway with it. I have a black top driveway and other than chains, (I am afraid they will tear up the black top) I am interested in other ways to improve my traction. I just ordered a set of Carlisle Tru Power AG tires for the rear and was wondering about putting fluid in them? I have had mixed responses... some say that it will damage my hydro drive and others say because I have the heavy duty cast Iron hydro transmission that it would be no problem. Could I have your opinion? Would Liquid in the tires for added traction hurt my brand new tractor? I have heard that rotating weight, carrying inertia, is bad for a hydro setup.... Also.. I need suitcase weights and a bracket to hold them. I’m looking for the brackets and for the weights, would you be able to Help me? Do you have anything that would fit my Tractor?

A: Yes putting weight on any tractor is always a little harder on it, but think about it, you sure didn't pay all that money for the big ponies to sit there and watch your wheels spin. My opinion is to get some weight on it and get her nailed to the ground and tell her it's time to go to work for you. Yes, I would fill the tires with liquid, and not the calcium chloride. Use windshield washer fluid. Mount suitcase weights on the rear and then you can get by without chains. I do agree with you, I don't like chains either and do not use them, I just add a little more weight. I have a universal suitcase weight bracket and 6 suitcase weights that weigh 25 lbs each, that comes up with a total figure of over 150 lbs. This will bolt on to the rear of your tractor.

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Q: Do you think there is any benefit in putting tire chains on the front
of a 2 wheel drive garden tractor for plowing snow, or would adding weight to
the front be a better idea? The tire size is 16 x 7.50 x 8 and they
are turf type tires.

The problem is the front tires want to slide to follow the
blade angle. The rear wheel traction is not a problem as the tractor weighs
around 1,100 lbs and I use about 240 lbs of weight on the back. I
think part of the problem is that the rear mounted weight box is
unloading some of the weight off the front wheels. Also the snow plow
frame attaches to the rear axle so there is no weight applied to the
front end.

A: What I have done in this situation is to build a suitcase bracket up in front beside the front push blade and hang 4 suitcase weights on it. That worked very well.

Q: Do you have a suitcase weight bracket for the rear of a JD 445?

A: Yes, we also have the rear suitcase brackets made for the John Deere 445 garden tractor. This will take the weights put on forward or backwards, therefore coming up with the correct traction that you would need.

Q: I have a 317 John Deere and have been thinking of a rear weight bracket and some suitcase weights. The tractor has a plow and a snowblower, turf tires with 1 wheel weight on each side, and chains. I would like to use the plow most of the time until the snow gets to heavy. It sounds like I should fill the tires with windshield washer fluid.

How many suitcase weights should I hang off the back with the plow?
How many with the snowblower?
Do you have a rear bracket for the  JD 317?

A: The nice thing about weights on the rear is that 1 pound on the rear puts about 1 1/3 pound on the wheels and also decreases the front end weight. The John Deere 317 is known for hard steering and lighter front end will take care of that problem. Put 5 suitcase weights on the rear and use all 5 for snow blowing and when using the front blade. I have a suitcase weight bracket I manufactured for the JD 317's.

Q: I am interested in tractor wheel weights. I have 12 inch rear wheels on a Case model 222 garden tractor.

A: Yes, I have wheel weights that will fit right on your Case wheels. I have it set up so you can even put 2 70 lb wheel weights on the left side and 2 70 lb wheel weights on the right side.

Q: I have a John Deere 445 garden tractor with a3 point hitch that I purchased from you a couple of years ago. Your site mentioned a suitcase bracket that might work with out removing the 3 point. Does it fit my tractor and, if so, how much is it. Are the suitcase weights harder on the tractor axles than the wheel weights or are they strong enough that it is not a consideration. Doesn't fluid in the wheels rust your rims?

So I would be able to have the suitcase weight bar and weights in place and also use my rear blade at the same time?

A: Yes, I have a suitcase weight bracket for you 3 point hitch. I use the alcohol based fluid not the salt based water. No, you can have only one subject hooked to your 3 point hitch at a time.

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Q: I am looking to get some wheel weights for a John Deere X595. It has 26x12x12 wheels. You have indicated in your Q/A that your 70lb weights have a bolt spacing of 8.75 inches, but are out-to-out of 11.25 inches. My wheels are about 10 inches clear on the inside and the bolt spacing is about 8.5. I am surprised that your weights are 11.25 inches in diameter. Is this correct and if so, do you have any similar weights that would fit an X595 or know where I could get them?

A: My 70 lb wheel weights will fit onto any 12" wheel. We also have chains to fit your size tire.

Q:  Why would suitcase weights be better than wheel weights?

A:  The suitcase weights can be better because when you put 1 pound of weight on the back or rear of your tractor it puts about 1 1/3 pounds of down pressure on the rear axle and also decreases the front end weight.

Q: Can you tell me what the approximate dimensions are on your suitcase weights?

Do your rear wheel weights fit completely inside the wheel or do they hang out like the plastic sand filled ones? Could you tell me the outside diameter and total width?

A: The suitcase weight is 9" high and 11" from front to rear. They are 2 1/2" wide or thick. The nice thing about cast iron is they do not take up a lot of room for each pound. My 70 lb cast iron wheel weights are thinner weights than the big 50 lb plastic concrete ones. The 70 lb cast iron wheel weights are 11" X 3 1/2".

Q: Is the Cub Cadet 2521 two wheel drive tractor going to handle moving snow on a 45 degree driveway or do I need a four wheel drive?

A: Be sure to get enough weight on your tractor and it will climb a mountain side. With plenty of weight it will do the job.

Q: Can I put liquid (anti-freeze, Windex etc.) in the wheels of my John Deere 445 for weight or should I use Wheel weights? Both?

A: For weight I would suggest that you fill your tires with liquid. That is not enough all by itself. I then would also go with a rear suitcase bracket. This suitcase bracket will take 7 suitcase weights. The big advantage of weights on the rear is that every pound of weight on the rear of the tractor puts about 1 1/3 pounds on the rear axle and decreases the weight on the front axle. As you may know, the front axle is always overweight.

Q: Could you please advise the dimensions of the cast iron wheel weights you sell - specifically:

Outside diameter
Bolt hole center-to-center distance (diagonal).

A: The 70 lb cast iron wheel weights are 8 3/4" center to center bolt hole. The outside diameter of the wheel weight is 11 1/4".

Q: I noticed on your website that you talk about adding weight to atractor to help its performance. How do I know how much weight to add? I have a 2000 John Deere 445 garden tractor. I have a blade and a snow blower. This last snow that we had, I used the blade because I am missing a small part for the snow blower. I felt that I should have added some weight to the tractor even though the manual states that none is needed with the blade. I did get stuck twice because the rear tires could not get traction.

Should I use suitcase weights or get weights for the rear tires? I am also interested in a set of bar tires and was thinking of filling them with fluid for weight. Any thoughts?

A: If I were you the first thing to do is fill the tires with liquid, (I use windshield washer fluid, it's easier on your iron wheels). It's nice to have the extra weight year round. The weight on the rear with the suitcase weights is the next thing to do as weight hanging on the rear decreases the weight on the front axle and applies it to the rear axle. I have a suitcase weight bracket in stock that is better than the John Deere bracket. The John Deere bracket only holds 6 suitcase weights and the one I have holds 7 suitcase weights. But the biggest difference in mine is that it is manufactured so the suitcase weights can be put in the bracket facing forward or facing backwards and the extra weight gives you still more traction. The weight bracket is for the tractor without a 3 point hitch.  I would suggest getting 6 suitcase weights for you application.

I also have the suitcase bracket for the 3 point hitch. This bracket only holds 6 suitcase weights.

Q: Jim, In regard to adding weight to agarden tractor, you said you use windshield washer fluid. Do you need an inner tube also? How do you add it and how much?

A: No, I do not like inner tubes. I break the bead on the valve stem side of the wheel. Lay it flat on the floor and fill it up until it runs over with liquid. Then take and air up the tire and the bead should seal up. Do not put much air in the tire.

Q: I have aJohn Deere 318 garden tractor that I want to add anti freeze to the tires as you suggested. Approximately what amount should I put in each of the rear tires and do you recommend putting it in the front tires as well and how much?

A: Each rear tire will hold about 9 gallons and I usually mix it 50/50. I do not see any reason to put the liquid in the front wheels, they do not hold much so I don't think it's worth messing with.

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Tractor Weight - Tractor Weight Bracket

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