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Utility Vehicle Snow Blower - Utility ATV - UTV - RTV Snow Blower

"Versatile Plus" Model 700582
For even more price, size, and style choices check out out ATV Blower and 4 wheeler snowblower pages.

This one is the Grand Daddy!  Put the snow where you want it the first time!

12 different packages: Click for Video
ATV snow blower video clip
versatile model UTV ATV snow blower with extension and 35 hp
UTV utility vehicle snow blower - RTV900Barrett sent us some pictures anda video of the Versatile model snow blower with the 31 hp Vanguard engine installed in it  He has a Kubota RTV900. RTV is Rough Terrain Vehicle.

Fits most major brands of utility vehicles, Quads, all terrain vehicles, ATV's and utility ATVs.

High RPM fan  behind the auger helps push the snow to amazing distances.

The snow blower is controlled from the driver's seat.  The electric chute can be raised, lowered, and turned by the push of a button.

Electric spout control

Has a kill switch for safety.

4 impellers

Uses the utility vehicle's winch. (not included)

The snowblower can be stopped with an electric PTO control

2 adjustable chains in front keep the snowblower stable

Controls for the Utility vehicle snow blowerSnow blower controls:
1. Emergency switch
2. Switch for the chute
3. Switch for the deflector

4. Switch for the belt tensioner  

Quick hitch setup for the Utility vehicle snow blowerUtility vehicle snow blower diagram4 wheeler snow thrower

Versatile model Utility vehicle snow blower
List of 28 options for the ATV UTV RTV blowers

#10 Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower powered with the18 hp v-twin overhead valve commercial Vanguard engine. $4700

#11 Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower powered with the 22.5 hp v-twin overhead valve commercial engine. $5100

#12 Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower powered with the 31 hp v-twin overhead valve Vanguard engine. $5800

#13 Versatile Plus model 54" 2 stage snow blower powered with the 35 hp engine $6100

#14  Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower with extension and side widening panels to 60” - powered with the 13 hp v-twin overhead valve engine. $4100

#15  Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower with extension and side widening panels to 60” - powered with the 14 hp engine. $4300

  Versatile Plus model 54” 2 stage snowblower with extension and side widening panels to 60” - powered with the 18 hp v-twin overhead valve commercial Vanguard engine. $5100

 UTV snowblower picture
UTV snowblower hook upUTV Snow thrower attachmentQuad snow blower
Up to 60" wide (with extension) and up to 29 hp engine - Now that's some power!

7 different adjustments on the subframe
73'' to 112''. For longer vehicles the option 700485 extends the subframe from 120" to 150"

If scratches to your surface is a concern ask Jim about our exclusive polymer skid shoes.

Utility vehicle snow blower hitchThe hitch allows the utility vehicle snow blower to be attached quickly to your utility vehicle and even a front mount tractor with it's 1 7/8 inch hitch to the 1 7/8 inch ball on your machine.  
See these ATV/UTV attachments: 60 inch utility vehicle power broom &54" Versatile Plus model 4 wheeler snow thrower New:72" UTV RTV Snowblower attachment

Utility Vehicle Snow Blower - Questions and Answers

Q: I currently have a Polaris ranger with a Bercomac snowblower for the front, does a power broom attach the same way, and can I purchase one from you and have it shipped?

A: Yes my Bercomac broom with its own engine connects up the same way as your Bercomac snowblower. Yes you can order one from us and we can ship it to you.

Q:  I own a Yamaha 660 Grizzly with Lite Foot tracks installed.  Is your snow blower able to accommodate these tracks?  I have a Warn plow on it now and was think that a snow blower would be a better option.

A:  Those tracks are not a problem.  Our snowblower has a pole down the middle of the wheel base to the rear hitch.  It is adjustable to whatever length you need to clear your machine in the front.  With these snow blowers you handle the snow once, you don't have to play snow relay.

Q: Will a wheeled four wheeler push the blower ok against hard packed snow & ice with an icy base? I see your video has a tracked unit which I'm sure has much better push ability.

A: No, there is no reason that you would need to own a tracked ATV to operate my snowblowers. That one just happened to be around when the pictures were taken. Actually it takes less ATV engine power and traction to run my snowblower than it takes for the ATV to push a plow blade.

Q: I have a 500CC Polaris Ranger 4X4. I need a snow machine that will cut through drifts and hard packed snow. Exactly what has to be done to the Ranger in order to use your Utility Vehicle Snow Blower Model 700460 with it?

A: You will not have to do anything to your Polaris Ranger but put on a winch if you do not have one already.

Q: Do you have a model to fit the Kubota UTV?

A: Yes my utility ATV snowblowers will fit right on your UTV. I have either a 54" wide model or 60" model to choose from.

Q: I have a 2005 Yamaha Rhino UTV and a 2000 Yamaha 400 ATV. Can I put a snowblower on either machine? What do I need to install it?

A: I have the new style utility vehicle snowblowers with an improved hitch set up so you can take off or put on the snowblowers very quickly with the new system. You will no longer need to buy the belly bracket for any of your machines. I have a 54 inch wide two stage snowblower with a 18 hp Vanguard engine or 54 inch wide two stage snowblower and the 23 hp Vanguard engine in it. If you want a wild wild machine I have a 60 inch wide snowblower with a 31 hp engine in it.

Q: I have a Polaris Ranger 4x4, in order for us to reach the main road we drive 1 mile with a few hills. I was wondering what you would recommend.

A: I have 54 inch ATV blower that has a 23 hp Vanguard engine. I have the big powerful 60 inch wide with a 27 hp Vanguard engine. This cannot be found anywhere else as I am the one setting these packages up.

Utility Vehicle Snow Blower - Snow blower for ATV - UTV - RTV        Bercomac Limited Warranty

Return policy-15 % restocking fee-RMA required
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