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Tractor Blade - Lawn Tractor Blade

Model 700266 Utility Blade  - 48" or the  Extra Heavy Duty 56" Model 700416
A handle located on the left side of the driver allows to angle the blade 20° to the left or right. The lift handle located on the right of the driver allows to lift the blade easily. Turn it to unlock, push or pull and turn to lock it into its angled position.

This blade is protected by a trip spring. If a solid object is hit the blade will trip over it and return into its original position avoiding damage to the blade or the tractor.  48" Blade is priced at $350. It requires a quick hitch subframe kit priced at $200 for the Compact model or $450 for the Deluxe model which can also be used for the power broom and 2 stage snow blower.

The heavy duty 56" blade is equipped with a double trip spring system and quadruple reinforcement on the back of the blade. $400.  This blade  requires a quick hitch subframe priced at $600 that can also be used for a power broom and a 2 stage snow blower.

Front push blade - plow video clipBercomac Blade/Plow video clip

Bercomac Snow blade - plow


14" high x 48" wide. Made of 11 gauge steel with reinforcing angles located at the back.

Skid Shoes:
Help glide over all types of terrain. They are adjustable and and can be replaced.
Cutting Edge:
The cutting edge or scraper bar is made of carbon steel. When worn, it can be unbolted and flipped over for a double life span.
48" blade weighs approximately 85 lbs the 56" blade weighs approximately 105 lbs.

Weight of blade and subframe
Compact model: appx. 115 lbs  - With Deluxe model: appx 158 lbs
Dimension 14" x 48"  or 14" x 56"
Warranty: Residential: 1 year on parts and labor.

Subframe (mounting hitch)

Has a quick hitch system which allows the mounting, dismounting or interchanging to other attachments on the same subframe such as broom or snowblower. Two subframe models are available for this blade.

Compact model is a mid-front-subframe which stays on tractor with no interference with the mower deck (except on Toro HXL 1638 model).

Deluxe model is heavy duty long subframe which reinforces the tractor’s frame by attaching it on the back and front of tractor’s frame
This blade fits on many different makes and models of tractors, Call or e-mail Jim for more details on your tractor model.

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Bercomac Blade Questions and Answers:

Q: If the 54” Bercomac blade is for the John Deere 425 garden tractor will the 48” blade fit as well?

A: No, the 54 inch blade is set up for the hydraulic angle package.

I have a new John Deere X520, do you have a blade that would work?

A: Yes, I have a big 48 inch Berco blade and subframe to fit. My blade angle can be changed and adjusted right from the driver's seat. I also have suitcase weights and snow chains available.

Do you have a blade that will fit a Case Ingersoll 116 YT?

A: Yes, I have a big 48" blade with angle and subframe that will fit the Case  garden tractor.

I just got a new John Deere 115 lawn tractor. Can you recommend a Snow Plow for it?

A: Yes we have a new Berco snow plow that will fit right on your tractor, it is a nice wide 48" blade with a subframe that is made for your tractor.

Will your 48" Utility blade fit on a Husqvarna 48" 24 horsepower mower? If so, do you have any in stock?

I have the new subframe and the 48" blade in stock that will fit your Husqvarna.

Does the Bercomac 48" blade fit the John Deere LT 166? Do you have the subframe for it? How difficult is it to attach the subframe to the LT 166? I'm fairly mechanical. Does it require any drilling etc? I assume it includes instructions?

A: Yes, we have a subframe for that tractor. You can quickly attach that 48" blade to the subframe, or a rotary Broom, or a 40" 2 stage snowblower. You can also change the angle of the blade right from the driver's seat. Yes, it includes all the instructions. Usually these sub frame kits never require drilling holes in the tractor.

I have a Cub Cadet garden tractor (1554) and would like to know if the blade (model 700266 utility blade) will fit this tractor and if not, can you recommend one?

A: Yes, I have a package that will fit right on your tractor. We have the subframe and the 48" blade.

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I have a John Deere GT 225 tractor. I was wondering if you make a snow blade with all the brackets? If so, how heavy is it and how is it constructed? I would need all the mounting hardware.

A: Yes we have the Berco front push blades that are heavy duty for the heavier garden tractors. Our blade is 48" wide and the sub frame kit is made to fit right onto your GT225 tractor.

I have a John Deere L130 lawn tractor, would you be able to provide me with a blade (mainly for snow and gravel) that is lifted with the mower deck handle? Does the mower deck have to be off while the blade is on?  Will I be able to add a snowblower?

A: I have a nice blade that fits on your tractor. It is 48" wide and connects up to your mower deck handle lift and also has an angle control lever which can be operated from the driver's seat with out getting off the tractor.  It works very well for loose gravel.  Yes you have to take the deck off when you are using the blade, you would not want the deck dragging in the snow and hanging you up.  The sub frame you use for the blade will also accept a snowblower and the power broom.

I have a John Deere GT262 that I recently purchased. Very good tractor. I have decided to plow with it and am frustrated with the solid 42" blade that came with it. The reason is the blade digging in and stopping the forward motion suddenly instead of skipping over an obstacle. Is there a John Deere Snow-Plow or blade with Springs that will fit my model? Is this an item you might have or what would you recommend?

Also, would you recommend any types of linear actuators to angle the blade,
so I don't have to keep getting on and off?

Yes, I have just the push blade for you. It is made by Berco and is 48" wide. You can raise it up and down with your mower deck lift lever. This blade also comes standard with a lever within arms reach sitting in the driver's seat, you can change the blade angle at any time without getting off the tractor. It also has double springs so if you hit something solid it will flex down forward just over the object and then jump back up into position then be ready to go to work again. We have the 48" blade and subframe kit, new in the crate.

Q:  Does the 48" blade fit on a Cub Cadet 2544?  Do you ship to Illinois?

A:  Yes the 48" blade would fit on your and tractor and yes we do ship to Illinois.

 I would like to know if your Bercomac front blade plow will fit on a 212 John Deere lawn tractor? Also will it go on the 317?

A:  Yes the Bercomac fits on the John Deere 317 and also on the John Deere 212 but the lift linkage will not be correct to go on the 212.  For the 212 you would have to remake the lift linkage for attaching a push blade.

I have a Simplicity Sunstar, but I don’t have a snow plow for it. Does the Model 700266 UTILITY BLADE - 48" fit on it?

A:  Sorry, Bercomac doesn't make a kit for this tractor so it will not fit.

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Bercomac Blade

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