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Case Garden Tractor - Repower - Ingersoll

Repower-engine swap kit we have compiled for  most 
models of Case and Ingersoll Garden Tractors.

The hood of your tractor does NOT have to be cut to make the Vanguard engines to fit, you will NOT have to raise your grille assembly to get engine clearance.  These Vanguards are the #1 top of the line V-Twin air cooled engines.

Case garden tractor - 446 Hydriv - IngersollIngersoll garden tractor - 4020

Repowered Case 446 with a Berocmac snow blower
Video: John Dean's Repowered Case 446
 blowing snow with a Bercomac
snow blower

FAQ's about Repowering a Case
Blog entry about Case- Ingersoll troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Case - Ingersoll garden tractors Q&A's

The customer had these twin 446 Hydriv Case garden tractors combined into one, using the parts in the best condition.  The resulting garden tractor has a used 16 HP Vanguard engine and new Case repower kit installed in it. The Case 446 garden tractor will be a workhorse to be sure.  Take notice of the large roto - tiller on the rear.  This 4020 Ingersoll garden tractor was repowered with a 23 HP Vanguard engine.  It originally had a 20 HP Onan P220 engine.

If you are considering a Case repower of your own, give us a call: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail:  We are more than happy to talk it over with you and let you know you options and costs.
Engine Swap - Case garden Tractor - 446 Case 444 repower with a Vanguard engine

Case 446 got a new paint job - looks great

4020 Ingersoll garden tractor repowered with 23 HP Vanguard engine

Ingersoll 4020 repower with 23 HP Vanguard engine

This Case 444 garden tractor
 is repowered with an 18 horsepower
 Vanguard engine

Case 446 repowered with a 23 hp
Vanguard engine - Click for video
Case 446
Before facelift
Case 446 garden tractor repowered

John repowered in 2007 and gave his Case 446 and new look too.
Case 446
After Facelift

Case garden tractor - new repowr kit - engine swap kit - 446

We've learned that Case garden tractor owners love their tractors!

Dick sent us this nice e-mail after finishing  his Case 446 Case garden tractor repower kit:

As I was looking to replace the motor on my Case 446 I found your web site and read the comments on the repower and thought these people are pulling my leg and are full of &*$# - but I had to do something the original engine was dead!!!!! So I purchased the Vanguard 18HP re-power kit about October of 2009.

I installed and have not sent you any email about it's performance only because I was waiting for it to impress me - it impressed me!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Lenawee County in Southeast Michigan and we had received several 4-8 inch snow falls prior to Feb 22, 2010 - however during those previous snow falls the snow was powder - not very heavy and I really didn't know if this "new" engine even had a governor on it.

On Feb 22, 2010 we got 8-10 inches of the wettest/heaviest snow that this area has had in a long time. The engine - does have a governor on it - and it uses it -- what a pushing machine!!!!!!!

Not only does this re-power make the tractor like a new unit it does feel as though it does have power steering from the original set-up!

If anyone is in question about this being the right thing to do ------- DO IT!!!!!! I can't imagine that you'll be disappointed.

Thanks for the "New Tractor"

David from Indiana wrote us this nice letter:

Just wanted to write and tell you I finished converting my Case 446 from the 16 HP Onan engine to the Vanguard engine I purchased from you. I mowed with it Saturday and Sunday. The grass was high but the motor never lost speed. The front of the tractor is lighter and you can feel it in the steering - much improved! The Vanguard conversion is better than I thought it would be! Anyone who loves the Case hydraulic drive will be more than satisfied with this conversion.

Email from Jeff: "Hi Jim, this is Jeff, I bought a 18 HP Vanguard from you and made my CASE 446 Garden Tractor run better than it ever has.  Thanks a lot."

I had a nice time visiting with Jeff when he and his family stopped by our shop.  He is as enthusiastic about the Case garden tractors as I am about the Deeres and he worked for Case for years.

Questions & Answers about repowering and repairing Case garden tractors:

Q: Can you tell me the spark plug gap for Ingersoll 446 and the points gap for an Ingersoll 446?

A: The spark plugs should be .030, the points .018.

Q: I noticed that on my friends newer Ingersoll tractor (he has an 18 HP Onan) model that the Onan engine is reversed to my engine (16 hp Onan) front to back. I cannot put in a new engine that will have the rotation reversed by placing the engine backwards since the rotation would be backwards to the rotation of my snow thrower. Therefore I can only install the new engine the same way my old engine . That is not a problem for me. Will the Electric clutch that you sell be effected? Inn other words do I have to get a CCW or CW clutch or will the electric clutch work in either direction so that my implements will work?

A: Yes, you are correct about getting the correct PTO clutch that is built to go in the direction in accordance to the way the engine is installed on the tractor. Yes, an electric clutch will work in both directions but in no time at all it will blow up when running in the backward direction of the way it was built to run. I have that all figured out and taken care of.

Q: My Case 446 has a plastic fan that is used to cool the hydraulic oil and is driven by the mechanical PTO. If I get the electric PTO how will the fan be driven. Will I have to install a separate electric fan drive and if so will there be any clearance problems?

A: I have things all figured out for your plastic fan so your current fan will bolt right onto my electric PTO clutch package.

Q: I have a Case 446 with an Onan engine. I have a couple of questions if I go with the Vanguard engine and kit. The Onan has a front shaft to drive the fan blade, but the Vanguard does not - how will it work?

Will the Vanguard be able to pump fuel from the gas tank which is located below the level of the engine and several feet away under the driver's seat?

A: Yes, the Vanguard engine has a front shaft that is included with the installation kit. Yes our Vanguard has a strong fuel pump that comes right with the engine.

Q: I have a 16 horsepower vertical shaft Vanguard engine. I’m guessing that since the 18 HP Onan in the Case Ingersoll 448 tractor now is a horizontal shaft, this particular Vanguard won’t work. Am I right?

A: Yes, you are correct, you can not install a vertical engine where a horizontal engine came out.

I have a 1988 Case 446 garden tractor - a few questions:

Q:  Will the Vanguard 23 horsepower engine fit my Case 446?
A:  Yes

Q:  Will your kit bolt up to my pump? (With the 23 horsepower Vanguard engine?) A:   Yes

Q:  Will your electric clutch conversion kit work with the B&S 23hp in my Case 446?
A:   Yes

Q:   Does the Vanguard engine come with a fuel pump, if so is it the pulse type like the Onan?
A:  Yes

Q:  When using your conversion kit is the C-I charging regulator module retained or by-passed?
A:  The regulator is already mounted and wired on the engine.

Q:  What is the warranty on the engine?
A:  This engine has a 2 year commercial warrantee

Q:  Will it be affected by my doing the install?
A:  You installing it has no effect on the warrantee.

When you order you kit or kits you can call me on my toll free number and if you have any questions or problems I can talk you through them. We are open until 9 pm Central time.

Q: What is the cost of your electric PTO kit for the mower deck? what engines will it work on? 14 HP Kohler engines?

A: My electric PTO kit will work on the Vanguard 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, and 23 horsepower engines.

Q: I'm considering the purchase of a used Case 444 tractor. Can it be repowered with the Vanguard engine? Do you have the kit for sale?

A: Yes, we have the complete installation kit and the 18 horsepower Vanguard engine for your Case.

Q: We have a Case Model 444 with a Kohler 301 Engine installed. I realize this is the wrong engine for this tractor. The engine is bad. The tractor is in fair shape and everything works. What would be the most practical engine to use for replacement or should we rebuild the 301? Will probably use this tractor for snow plowing and general utility. I have other mowers. If I replace the 301, what would fit with the least modification?

A: We have the new Vanguard V-Twin overhead valve 18 horsepower engine that will fit right in your chassis without much work.

Q: I was splitting wood today with my case 448 garden tractor and turned my 18 hp Onan twin engine into a single. Broke a rod. Amazingly it still runs. I saw your conversion. Do you have a kit? I would swap everything myself, but I wanted some options.

A: Yes, we have it all in stock. I have the Vanguard 18 horsepower for your Case 448 that is actually a short 20 horsepower and we also have the installation kit. An additional kit I have put together (optional) is a PTO electric clutch, special shaft and PTO switch. You do not have to do any hood cutting.

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Q: We have a Case 224 garden tractor with a blown engine. Do you have replacement 14 Kohler engines for this tractor? Or, do you offer a repower kit for other engines for this unit?

A: Yes, we have an engine that will fit right into that tractor. I have a new V-Twin Vanguard, overhead valve, 18 horsepower engine, installation kit, and an additional electric PTO clutch kit if you would like to add that also.

Q: I wish I would have seen your website about a year ago. I have a 1984 Case-Ingersoll 446 garden tractor. The engine was tired so I replaced it with an 18 horse Onan. Overall the switch over went fairly well, but I cannot get the clutch (so called EZ adjust!) right. Maybe it needs some new parts, but it just seems like a bad design. You mention a switch over to an electric clutch, what is involved in that?

A: Sorry, my switch over kit will not work with the Onan engine. I have talked about manufacturing a kit to go with the Onan engine but have not done so yet.

  I have a mid 1970,s (yellow) Case 446 garden tractor originally powered by an Onan 16 HP engine. I would like to rebuild a Kohler KT17 to replace this, however, the KT17 has a threaded shaft and needs to be replaced with a keyway shaft. Can you suggest crank data - Diameter, Length to block, length of 1/4" keyway, tapped to?, etc? Or perhaps you are aware of a spec number of a KT17 used by Case to power the 446.

A:  I would use your original crankshaft, put on a love joy, drill a 1/4" hole through the love joy and through the crankshaft and drive in a heavy duty roll pin. Do not waste money on buying another crankshaft. But as far as I am concerned, you are starting out by wasting good money working on a KT17 Kohler. The is the the worst or either one of the worst engines ever manufactured by Kohler. What we do offer is a V-Twin, overhead valve, Vanguard engine that fits right in those good solid Case tractors. They are about 50 lbs. lighter than the original engine. When you get this engine in and go for your test drive you will almost think you have put power steering into the tractor. This is just an additional bonus along with other big advantages to doing this clean, neat job. We use the Vanguard V -Twin 18 horsepower to repower this Case tractor. I also offer another additional kit if you want to convert that old mechanical PTO clutch to a finger tip control electric button controlling the electric PTO clutch.

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Q:  I have a Case 446 garden tractor and have a few questions. Do I need to modify the hood for clearance? Is there room for me to fabricate some exhaust pipes to use the original muffler set-up? I'm going to rewire the tractor so is there anything I should know concerning the electric clutch or electronic ignition?

A:  With my engine and kit you will not have to cut anything. For your original
exhaust we offer some exhaust plates that go on to the heads and then
you just weld the pipe onto it. Also available is a complete Vanguard exhaust
that bolts right on. If you are going to rewire the tractor I would wait until you
get the engine in. Yes there are some wiring differences.

Q:  I have a 1981 Case 446 garden tractor and it runs. However, the engine leaks oil, runs hot, blows the fuse, and the carburetor probably needs to be rebuilt. I see that you recommend the Briggs Vanguard and have a kit to fit it to my tractor. Does this require any modifications to the hood or grill? How involved is this conversion and would you recommend any bigger engine?

A:  With my conversion you will not have to do any cutting on the hood or grille as it all fits in nice and neat. The Vanguard 18 HP fits in real nice and I have them in stock, they put out a short 20 HP. The Vanguard engine will give you more power than you currently have. We can install it for you or we can ship everything to you so you can do it yourself.

Q:  I read the article in farm show and thought I would send you this note regarding my 466 that I replaced the 16 hp Onan engine with an 18 hp Onan about 20 years ago. This is an older “yellow” one that has the hand levered clutch in front with the plastic fan on it. I have always wondered if it would be possible to put an electric clutch on it, as the original has never worked very good?

A:  Yes, when we do an engine transplant we convert it over to an electric clutch and also have to wire in a PTO switch.

Q:  I am seriously considering the Vanguard engine repower. Other than re-machining the adapter plate for the hydraulic pump would there be any other modification? It would need an electric PTO on the forward side or a shaft stub to allow the PTO clutch to be mounted from the Onan engine. My only concern is that from what I have found out about the repowering with the 21 HP Kawasaki engine the hood has to be raised 2 inches and cut out or stretched at two points on the side. I want to avoid this and that is why I am considering using the Vanguard. I have the capability of machining the pump adapter plate if that's all that is necessary. That being the case If I can't get the Onan running.

A:  Yes, there are more things to do, you would have to rework the exhaust system I would send you. If you wanted to reuse your old PTO clutch I may be able to get that set up for you. Of course the electric PTO is a far better set up than that old style Case PTO clutch.

Q:  Would you repower 'kit' also work for a Case/Ingersoll 648 loader tractor, originally equipped with an Onan engine?  Will any cutting or modifications need to be done to the original hood, and will the hood still hinge and lay flat on the front grille as was the case with the Onan engine?

Also, will any mods to front grille or hood be needed to adapt the exhaust pipes, muffler and exhaust pipe to the 648 frame when using the Vanguard application?

A:  I have the kit with the Vanguard engine that should work fine on your application. You will not have to do any cutting on your hood. The hinges can also be left in their original position. Our exhaust comes out the right rear side so there is no need to cut any of the grille.

Troubleshooting the Case - Ingersoll garden tractors

Q: I have a Case 446 ( 1980 model ). It will not go forward or backward in low gear. Hi gear is O.K.

What could be the problem ? Is there a repair kit ?

A: Your hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor is in okay condition. It sounds to me like rear end two speed problems.

Q: I have an Ingersoll 448. I've tinkered with this mower for years now and it's been very reliable. Recently the battery light has been staying on, lights are dim and the battery eventually runs down and needs to be charged to start it. I just replaced the rectifier/regulator and it still stays on. There's a little metal capacitor looking device with 3 wires (1 going to the starter relay, 1 going to the battery light and 1 going to the negative battery terminal). Do you think this part is bad? I guess the key switch may be involved too as I look at the wiring diagram. What do you suggest?

Also, this mower surges when running. It's a steady constant rev and decline. when I mow, I don't notice it at full throttle but when i slow the engine it begins again... hot or cold. I noticed that when it pulls itself under a slight load, it quits too. The only other remedy is to pull the choke half way out and it idles smooth. I changed the fuel and air filter and it still does it.

A: I think you need to check if the center wire on your rectifier is hot with the ignition on. If it is not hot, that is your problem. The second test you need to have an AC voltmeter and check the two stator wires with the engine running and they should be putting out 24 to 36 AC volts. If it is not the stator is junk and I would not fix that as it also sounds like you are having Onan governor problems.

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Case garden tractor repower - Ingersoll

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