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Curtis Cabs - For Gators and Small Tractors

Curtis Cabs for John Deere Gators:
Curtis Cab for Gator - hard sided Curtis Cab for Gator - Soft sided Fits: 6x4 & 4x2 Turf Diesel

Looking for more John Deere Gator Accessories?  

Hard-Sided Curtis Cab

Soft-Sided Curtis Cab

Curtis cab for HPX Gators - hard sided Curtis Cab for HPX Gators - Soft sided

 Gator HPX
 HPX 4x4
 HPX Diesel
 HPX Trail Gator 4x4

Hard-Sided Curtis Cab - #1GTR44AS -

Steel doors with sliding windows, gas pistons - hard rear window - 12 Volt Electric Wiper System. 

Soft-Sided Curtis Cab #1GTR44SS -

Metal framed reinforced vinyl doors with a 360° rubber seal, Rotary latch system , soft rear window,  and a 12 Volt Electric Wiper System

For Compact Tractors:  
Curtis Cab for a John Deere 2210 Small Tractor Curtis Cab for Kubota Small tractor Hard canopy top with acoustical headliner.
12 volt heavy duty electric wiper.

Automotive style safety glass front windshield.
Soft Doors are "Jeep Style", metal framed with handles, latches and hinges.
Pin-hinged doors for easy removal in seconds.
Hard doors feature deluxe sliding windows optimizing ventilation.
John Deere

1JD2210SS John Deere 2305/2210 Curtis Cab  - Soft Sided

1JD2210AS John Deere 2305/2210 Curtis Cab - Hard Sided

1KBXSS Kubota BX 1800/2200 Curtis Cab - Soft Sided
1KBXAS Kubota BX 1800/2200 Curtis Cab - Hard Sided
Curtis Cab for Kubota  Compact tractor

Curtis Cab on Kubota 30 series compact tractor

Curtis Cab - New Holland compact tractor

Kubota B Series

Kubota 30 Series - Soft-Sided

New Holland TC Series

Compact Tractor Makes and Model details:
New Holland
1FD1530SS New Holland 1530,1630,1725,1925,TC25-29-33 Soft Sided Curtis Cab  
1FD1530AS New Holland 1530,1630,1725,1925,TC 25-29-33 Hard Sided Curtis Cab

1KU3SS Kubota L3130, L3430, L3830, L4330, L4630, L5030 Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1KU3AS Kubota L3130, L3430, L3830, L4330, L4630, L5030 Hard Sided Curtis Cab  
1KUB48 Kubota L-48 Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1KB17SS1 Kubota B-1700,2100,2400,2410,7300,7500,7510,7610, 7800,2710,2910
Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1KB17AS1 Kubota B-1700,2100,2400,2410,7300,7500,7510,7610, 7800,2710,2910
Hard Sided Curtis Cab
John Deere
1JD4110SS John Deere 4100,4110,4115 Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1JD4110AS John Deere 4100,4110,4115 Hard Sided Curtis Cab
Utility Tractor Models:

New Holland
1FD35SS1 New Holland TC 35-40-45 Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1FD35AS1 New Holland TC 35-40-45 Hard Sided Curtis Cab
John Deere
1JD4120SS John Deere 4500,4600,4700,4510,4610,4710, 4120,4320,4520,4720
Soft-Sided Curtis Cab
1JD4120AS John Deere 4500,4600,4700,4510,4610,4710, 4120,4320,4520,4720
Hard-Sided Curtis Cab
1JD3520SS John Deere 3120,3320,3520,3720,4200,4300,4400,4210,4310,4410
Soft Sided Curtis Cab
1JD3520AS John Deere 3120,3320,3520,3720,4200,4300,4400,4210,4310,4410
Hard Sided Curtis Cab
Front Mount Mower Models:

1KF60SS Kubota F-2260,2560,3060 Soft-Sided Curtis Cab
1KF60AS Kubota F-2260,2560,3060 Hard-Sided Curtis Cab

Do you have questions?  Call Jim: 1-800-618-8738 or e-mail: .  He'll help!
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